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How to Distinguish Between Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Kudzu Starch and Cassava starch


1. Corn Starch 
Corn starch is also called corn flour, corn starch, corn starch, there are places called bean powder, is extracted from corn starch starch - the largest supply of starch, but not as good as Potato starch performance. Hong Kong called the main raw powder is corn starch.  
2. Potato Starch
That is raw potato starch, potato starch is the most stable starch materials among the starch. Its character is sticky enough, delicate texture, color with white, shiny than mung bean starch, but with poor water absorption ability.  Once add the water, heat will condense into a transparent viscous shape, in the Chinese cooking often add too little cold water and add cooked rice cooked in the hook to make the soup thick, while making The food looks shiny. However, the soup made by the potatoes starch is too thick after cold, the corn starch soup will not change.
 PS: It is difference from the potato powder, the potato flour also known as "potato powder”, can be heated to with water into a potato mash. In addition, it often used in Western-style bread or cake, the product can increase the sense of wetness.
3. Kudzu Starch
Kudzu powder is made of a perennial plant "Arrowroot" which grow underground stem,  because "Kudzu" constructure of almost pure starch, washing them , then drying, milling, finally you can get the Kudzu starch. Kudzu Starch can be used to thicken the soup, and the function is similar to corn starch.

5. Tapioca Flour
Cassava starch also named Tapioca Flour, Thailand powder (because Thailand is the third largest cassava producer country in the world, so the cassava starch is very popular).  It will become into transparent after cooking with water, and many people like to use cassava starch as their material when cooking foods. 

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