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Do You Know What Are Sugar Cubes?


Sugar cube has a long history, because of its excellent quality and favored by consumers. Sugar cubes select selected sugar, add filtration water,extrusion after mixing in the sealed automatic mixer, and finally through the far infrared high-temperature drying and sterilization, products in the purity, color and structure have strict requirements, due to low moisture content, coupled with the use of sealed moisture-proof packaging, shelf life is longer. Sugar cubes with pure white, angular, compact structure, easy to dissolve and other characteristics.
Sugar Cube Nutrition Analysis:
Sugar is an important nutrient in the human body. In nutrition, sugar not only refers to the sugar or fruit candy we eat, but a broader meaning, so the more accurate name of sugar is called "carbohydrates." Sugar is one of the most important nutrients for people who are engaged in physical activity, for the following reasons:
1. Sugar can provide energy quickly, releasing energy to the muscles used in exercise, and easy digestion and absorption after sugar intake.
2. Sugar in the body after the final generation of carbon dioxide and water, it is easy to breathe and urine out of the body, do not increase the acidity of the body fluids, to prevent the production of metabolic acidosis.
3. Sugar digestion, low oxygen consumption, and a short time in the absence of oxygen can also digest, to provide energy to the body.
Sugar Storage Method:
Put in dry and cool place, seal after you open it to dampproof.

Sugar Cube
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