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Cleaning Step of Peanut Butter Grinding Machine


       Due to this peanut butter grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the nuts butter in the foods factory, there will have some sauce residue in the machine, it’s for machine itself and not good for the next time to use this machine. So cleaning the peanut butter grinding machine is necessary after each time using.
      Cleaning steps:
1.  After grinding the peanut butter, worker should pull out the nuts from the grinding machine, and take the filter from the machine and cleaning it in the water. Removing the residues from the grinding machine and keep the machine in the cleaning environment.
2. Wiping the inside and outside parts of the machine with a cloth. It is absolutely forbidden the motor washed by the water, once the motor washed by the water, there will appear the leakage of the situation.
3. Assemble the machine according to the drawings, and turn on the handle to test the machine, check the whether the machine have the abnormal condition. Once the machine has the abnormal condition, please stop your work quickly.
4. If you are not sure whether you can disassembly and install this machine, please consult the customer service people, which can reduce the demage of the peanut butter making machine it self.
      Whenever which way you cleaning the machine, just pay attention to your safty and the avoid the demage of the machine.

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