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Do You Know How To Make Brown Sugar Cubes?


How to make brown sugar cubes? There are many methods.
Traditional methods:
The compression molding method used in the sugar cube forming machine when making sugar cubes by the traditional method. The main part of the forming machine is a horizontal cylindrical drum, on its circular surface lined with long strips of molds, each with more than 10 square holes. The prepared sugar falls through a vibrating hopper into a square hole at the top of the drum. As the drum rotates, the press head, which moves from the center to the outside, gradually compacts and forms a square. When rotating to the bottom position, they are pushed out of the hole by the press head and landed on the conveyor belt.
Make brown sugar cubes by modern technology:
The technology uses high frequency vibration to solidify sugar crystals into a solid, even cube. This method produces sugar cubes with a better gloss (because the grains on the surface are not crushed), the pores between grains are uniform, the porosity is high, and because the vibrating needle is always in the square groove and runs through the sugar during the consolidation process, as a result, the consolidated sugar will form a hole together, increasing the surface area of the sugar, so even though the porosity of sugar has reached the limit, the dissolution rate of the sugar was further increased by increasing the contact area between the sugar and the solution when the sugar was immersed in the solution. The machine is similar to a belt conveyor and runs in a continuous cycle. It is equipped with a plurality of strip molds, each with a plurality of square holes. The high frequency vibration in horizontal direction is caused by the electric vibrator, and the wet granulated sugar is put into the small square, and the mould is tightly packed and bonded into a square.
We hope these two methods will help you understand how to make brown sugar cubes, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

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