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High Quality Potato Starch Processing Line Capacity


         Potato starch widely used in textile, oil exploration, feed and food industries, especially the international food market development, that makes the demand for high-precision potato starch surge. Due to potatoes starch  can not be replaced by the natural attributes, it beomes the first choice for the  deep foods processing industry. And now,  the potatose starch processing line will developing with the better future.  About this potatoes starch processing line, there are some different output can be choosed, such as the 500kg per hour, 1.5 t per hour, 5 t per hour, 10 t per hour, etc. All this capacity are mean the raw materials before making potatoes starch. This processing line can not only make the potatoes starch, but also can cassave starch, sweet potato starch, lotus root starch and so on.  Different materials can the proportions of outputs are different, so before you make the starch, you would better know what's your materials and how many materials you have in your factory.  Any interes about this starch making machine, please contact us within our machine promotion activity limited time, we can offer you more cash back. 

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