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Spaghetti Pasta Production Process


     Raw materials are mainly made by the hard wheat flour and egg products.

In the factory:
     In the first stage, the quality analysis is performed by the laboratory. If the analysis gives a positive result, the raw material is fed to the noodle mill process. Wheat flour is stored in the silo, and then into the production line. The flour is then mixed with water and other ingredients specified by the recipe. The dough is fixed on a reel and is conveyed to a low pressure and noodle machine through the exhaust. The dough was removed with a screw and passed through a roll mill to obtain the desired shape. And then sent into the dryer pasta, gradually remove the water. Spaghetti stay here until a dry and stable shape. The product is weighed on each packaging line and the initial packaging (plastic bags and boxes) is completed, followed by secondary packaging. A computer-controlled shuttle is used to transport the crates.
Each box is wrapped with a layer of nylon film, affixed identification label. Then the spaghetti pasta production process is finished. But all this process though the professional 
spaghetti pasta production line, the high level machine can make more good materials for customers. 
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