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Is Peanut Butter Business Profitable?


Is peanut butter business profitable? I want to say it is a good idea for start a business. Why do I say that?
1. There is a large market demand
Peanut butter is commonly used as a condiment for pasta, steamed bread, hot pot, stir-frying and other dishes, as well as filling for sweet cakes, steamed stuffed buns and bread. At present, the annual consumption of peanuts in the United States is around 800 kilotons, including peanut butter in 450 kilotons. The annual consumption of peanut kernels in Canada is about 150 thousand tons, of which peanut butter and other ingredients account for about 15%. Mexico consumes about 70, 000 tonnes of peanut kernels a year, of which peanut butter accounts for 10%. Britain, the Netherlands and Germany and other Nordic countries, the annual consumption of peanut kernels with about 500 thousand tons, peanut butter accounted for about 15%. These figures all indicate that the market for peanut butter is very large.
 Peanut Butter Use

2. Rich nutrition
Peanut butter is not only rich in plant protein, but also rich in vitamins, niacin, vitamin E and other minerals. rich nutrition, unique flavor. These are all essential, and many people get their micronutrients from peanut butter.
3. Variety
According to different tastes, peanut butter is divided into sweet and salty, which is widely used in western food. Generally divided into smooth and coarse grain two kinds, coarse-grained peanut butter is made by adding peanut granules to the peanut butter to increase its flavor, in addition, honey and chocolate are added to make different flavors, which can meet the needs of people of different ages.
From what has been discussed above, peanut butter business is profitable. If you plan to start a peanut butter business, please contact us for free. We can supply you all the machines.
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