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Rice Noodles Making Machine Working Principle


The rice noodles making machine can make the rice noodles with high quality in the rice noodels processing factory. 

1. Rice soak in the water overnight.
2. Add a small amount of water (a cup of rice plus 2/3 cups of water) with the rice grinding machine repeatedly grinding several times into a delicate rice slurry, filtration.
3. Take 1/4-meter slurry into the reice noodles making machine, this machine can heat the rice batter automaticlly, needn't keep stirring, the materails will not paste. 
4. The rice noodles is very even made by this machine. All heating process is about three minutes, do not too long. 
5. When the rice cake became pure white, it's time to pick them up. 

If you don't have any experence about make rice noodles, this rice noodles making machine is your best choice in your rice noodles business, nat question, please contact us freely. 

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