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How To Use Chin Chin Cutting Machine?


How to use chin chin cutting machine? This problem is troubling many people who start the chin chin business first and use the chin chin making machine for the first time. But the chin chin cutting machine using method is very easy, you only need to knead the dough, then put the dough into machine hopper, the machine will press the dough and cut into dough cube automatically. If you still don’t know how to use the chin chin cutting machine, we contact us, then we will send you the operate video, now, let's take a look at the machine.
The machine is equipped with imported motor and control system, which can operate for a long time with low noise. Referring to advanced technologies at home and abroad, excellent design, beautiful appearance, the whole body is made of stainless steel. Precise and stable structure, high balance, no shaking, easy to clean and maintain. Small volume, small area, space saving, fast speed, good effect, time saving. Moreover, the finished products are of the same size and can be adjusted to produce square, angular and circular products. The size of Chin Chin can be adjusted as needed, and the adjustment range is 5g -100g. In addition, the machine parts by the digital display machine tool processing, high precision, good performance, mechanical transmission, wear small, noise.
The use of chin chin cutting machine has greatly improved the production efficiency and capacity, and the machine can complete cutting automatically. The design of the machine is reasonable, and the cutting is uniform, complete and non-stick, avoiding the problem of different sizes caused by manual production.

Chin Chin Cutting Machine
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