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What Should Be Paid Attention When Using Peanut Sheller Machine?


With the extensive application of peanut machinery, and continuous development of the market, the application of peanut sheller machine is widely used. But because many users do not very good master the correct use of method of peanut shelling, cause mechanical problems in use after a period of time, or the poor performance of the machine itself. Indirectly caused the fall of the efficiency of the machine and seriously affected the enterprise's economic benefit and social benefit. The correct use of peanut sheller is what we must to master, simply introduces the important points when we use.
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First, before we use must overhaul the solid pieces of peanut sheller machine, including the rotation is flexible or not, and the bearing inner has enough oil, we also have to place machine on smooth ground.
Second, we'd better also check the power switch before use.
Third, after the machine start, the direction of mechanical rotor should be the same with the opposite direction referred in machine. We can test first, to check if it is normal.
Four, in the operation, appropriately and evenly send into the peanuts, avoid containing iron and stone etc sundry.
Five, After using after a period of time, before we stop using must carries on the thorough cleaning as well as the appearance of dirt cleanup, including residual particles in mechanical cleaning. Machinery must be stored in a dry and avoid to the sun. And we must keep in mind that tear down the belt for custody.
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