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Feature of Toothpick Pressing Machine


         Say to the toothpick processing machine, there are two type materials should be attentions, one is the bamboo toothpick, another is the wooden toothpick. As we all konw. Today people more attention about the environment problems, some countries and regions are strict with the tree felling. But in some places, the governments are allow people cut the trees appropriately.

         Actually, the wooden tootbpicks is more common among the toothpick producing field. And also this wooden toothpicks making machine can reduce the waste of the wooden during toothpicks making process. The wooden toothpicking machine is always talk about the wood slicing machine, wood molding machine, toothpick measuring machin, toothpick grinding machine, toothpick packaging machine and so on
. There are single-headed toothpicks and double-headed toothpicks can be made by this machine, which type toothpicks is more expensive during producing? The answer is double head toothpicks. Commonly the single head toothpicks is usually made of wooden, the double made of bamboo, the bamboo toothpicks is more hard when using tahn the wooden toothpicks. Which type of toothpicks is more suitable for your factory, just according your business condition and long business considerition. 
     If  you want more information about this toothpicks making machine, please consult us freely. 
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