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Buy Rice Noodles Making Machine


If you want to buy rice noodles making machine, you need to learn more information about this rice noodles machine:
Rice Noodles Making Machine
1, Advanced production technology: USES the new technology of biological degeneration, raw materials, extrusion polymerization, a machine that is cooked, forming at a time, there is no cooking.
2, Safety and health: Multi-function rice noodle machine mechanical and electrical integration, fully enclosed production, stable performance, the entire production process of no pollution, safety and health.
3, High degree of automation: Monitoring instrument, the operation is simple, 1-2 people can operate, spiral propulsion, mature automatically, automatic forming.
4, Multi-usage: Rice noodle maker machine is used to process grain products containiing starch, multi-function, widely used for different kinds of crops, rice, corn, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, peas, etc, it not only can produce rice noodles, rice vermicelli, Korean cold noodles, grains noodles and other food, and each food thickness and other specifications can be adjusted according to need: truly multi-usage.
5, Multi-function rice noodle making machine, the production is fast, high production rate. Small investment scale, is applicable to the individual, the villages and towns and city processing factory.
6, Produced by a variety of food, can be Fried, can be boiled, can also be cold or hot pot, widely applicable, suitable for promotion.
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