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Which Machine is Suitable for Packing Block Instant Noodles


         With the development of technology, people pay more attention to health, so the instant noodles producing technology constantly updated to meet people’s demand. Eating instant noodles will not the symbol of the unhealth foods.
Two big types instant noodles can be found in the market, one is the bags packing instant noodles, another is the cup packing instant noodles. Actually, all the materials are similar among them, the big difference is their packing forms. Cup packing method will more difficult than the bags packing way, which makes the cup instant noodles is more expensive than the bags instant noodles in the markets. So the bag packing is more cost-effective in the instant noodles packing field.
         The bags insatnt noodles packing machine is called pillow packing machine in professional field. The max film width is 45 mm, the specification of the packing products is about 120 to 180 mm length,  60mm to 200 mmwidth, and 60mm(max) height. Just according the specification to consider whether this machine is scuitable for your products. The capacity of packing has a large range, from the 40 bags per miute to the 230 bags per minute. It’s enough to meet different capacity requirements for commercial.

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