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Automatic Noodle Making Machine to India


Automatic Noodle Making Machine India
Customer from India bought one set automatic noodle making machine for making chow mein. Full automatic noodle making machine adopts chain transmission, stable operation, safe and reliable, low noise. Multi-group rolling, feeding evenly, the panel is neat and full. Automatic shelves, automatic cutting, one molding, saving labor, contact flour parts are made of stainless steel or specially treated surface, in line with national hygiene standards. The rotary slicer is more labor-saving and quieter, and it is easier to work with the automatic pole supplying.
Medium-sized noodle making machine as follows: The roll surface after grinding machine for fine grinding, smooth and beautiful, smooth surface with uniform, guaranting the smooth of pressed doug. The machine design is reasonable, USES the array type, reducer and sprocket drive, low noise, compact structure, humanized design, work and effort. Easy to operate, safe and hygienic. The drive is stable, the transmission power is accurate and efficient, and the characteristics of small noise, no vibration, excellent performance, etc., can be equipped with small drying equipment, which is an ideal product for large and medium-sized noodle manufacturers.
Main parts adopt 45 # forged steel gear, roller adopt 45 # seamless steel pipe, after heat treatment, increase the stiffness of the roller, make produced noodles good taste, more brilliant.
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