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Sold Fruit Juice Making Machine To South Africa


Today, we sold one set fruit juice making machine to South Africa, the customer choose the LGLZ-1.5 model, and processing 1.5t fruit per hour. This fruit juice making machine made of stainless steel, it is suitable for blueberry, buckthorn, cranberry, strawberry, kiwi, etc.
The fruit juice making machine sold to South Africa with following advantages:
1. The pulp, skin, seeds can be separated automatically, which can be combined with the pipeline operations and can also be produced by a single machine.
2. All places in contact with materials are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and high quality edible rubber, which has good corrosion resistance, does not pollute the materials and ensures food hygiene.
3. As long as the machine changes the screen of different specifications, it can change the pulping speed.
4. The machine is easy to operate, convenient to clean, safe and hygienic, continuous feeding and wide application, etc., and it is an ideal equipment for fruit and vegetable processing.
If you want to buy fruit making machine in a country other than South Africa, you can also contact us and we can ship the machines to any countries.

Fruit Juice Making Machine
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