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Ice Cream Cone Machine In Italy


A few days ago, we sold a ice cream cone machine to Italy. The customer put the machine into production soon after receiving it, and then sent us some working pictures of the machine. They seem to work well.

Ice Cream Cone Machine
This full automatic ice cream cone machine is a hot product of our company. It has won the favor of customers from all over the world, especially from Italy, because of its novel style, reasonable structure and long life.
1. This machine selects the international famous brand, the fusion consummate craft, supplemented by the strict quality control process, causes the product overall performance and the quality to obtain the comprehensive enhancement.
2. Adopt all digital computer control system, select high quality electrical components, advanced production technology, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic repair function, safe and accurate, higher reliability.
3. Safe and stable mechanical stirring system with lower noise and less vibration makes the operation performance of the whole machine reach the international advanced level.
4. Make sure it can be used in different production environments.
5. Have passed CE, ISO 9001-2008 and other international standards certification, quality stability, safety and reliability.
6. The mould is made of cast iron with an insulating surface to prevent it from sticking to the cone.
7. The temperature of the mold can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the formula.
8. The machine is equipped with an automatic alarm device.
This ice cream cone machine not only sold to Italy, but also sold to Ireland and other countries, if you are interested in this machine, please contact us for free.

Italy Ice Cream Cone Machine
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