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Flour Coated Peanuts Prodcution Line Sold To Tunisia


Flour coated peanut production line was ready delivery to Tunisia, and this production line can use gas, coal and electric heating mode, processing speed can adjust, mainly to make coated peanuts, and can also make sugar coated peanuts. The sugar coated peanuts making machine coupled with the clutch and temperature display device, automatic feeding, discharging, whereas high productivity, baked goods breakage rate is low, colour and lustre is uniform, no pollution, ideal processing equipment for processing coated peanuts.
Not only sold the flour coated peanut production line to Tunisia, we also sold the production line to Morocco, Nigeria, India, America, etc. So please don’t worry that we can’t ship the machine to your country, wherever you are, we can send the machine to you.
If you want to know the shipping price first, please contact us for free.
Flour Coated Peanuts Production Line Tunisia

Flour Coated Peanut Production Line

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