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The smell of sugar cube stroke me


I won’t never forget the smell  of the spicy cube sugar that afternoon when I go outside with my friends, and now, I will introduce this kind of cube sugar formally to you.
I’m not even sure I should be telling you about this. Please understand that I do this in the spirit of love and deliciousness, and not in the spirit of helping you button your jeans. Are you familiar with Angel Biscuits? They’re the quirky cousin of a traditional biscuit. They’re buttery, flaky, and tender, just like regular biscuits, but they have the added magic of yeast.
Yeast works wonders for a biscuit. It helps them to rise beautifully, lends a delicious flavor, and changes their texture ever-so-slightly, giving the interior a downier, softer feel. The yeast also manages to do what I thought was impossible: It creates a biscuit that is still completely delicious the next day.
We love the idea of making personalised sugar ‘cubes’ to add to a pretty side plate next to your tea at a tea party, or even place on top of a buttercream topped cupcake.
First Impressions Moulds have created a fantastic video tutorial how to create sugar cubes that we just had to share with you all!
Unfortunately, the more often this process takes place (the more sugar you consume), the more severe the blood sugar spike is, and the more insulin is required. This means it becomes easier and easier to skip using sugar as energy, and go straight to extra insulin and fat storage.
Having learn much about cube sugar you can make cube sugar for you and your body. Just contact us in the website.
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