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Structure of the Bamboo Wood bbq Stick Machine Complete Make Line


        It is a whole barbecue stick production line which consisit of the bamboo dissection machine, combined flakers, bamboo filament shaping machine, bamboo filament set-size machine, toothpick set-size machine, polishing machine, toothpick finishing machinery, toothpick mincing machine, multi-sharpen machine.  These machines can produce the bamboo into the bamboo toothpicks, barbecue sticks and so on.  If you want the sticks more fine, there are need eight machine to achieve the whole making line, if you want to reduce the budget, six machines are enough.  You also can make one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp selectable. Capacity  of the whole making line is about 300,000 to 400,000 piecs per hour.  It  generally need 100 to 200 kg bamboo material of these sticks.  What's more, this whole making process only need 3 to 5 people to operate, very save the man power. One problem you should also pay attention to is vlotage is different. With different voltage, these machines can not work very well. The 380Voltage and 10 Kw is more better to priduce the sticks. We can change the voltage for your requiremnet if you intersted in these machine. 

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