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Peanut Drum Roasting Machine Sold to Iran


The Iranian customer purchased one set electrically heated two drum peanut roasting machine with a capacity of 180-250 kg/h to meet the customer's multiple production needs. Our salesperson Michelle took the customer to visit the company and the factory. When visiting the factory, there were special technical staff to accompany the customer to answer the customer's various questions. The machine is currently sold and shipped to Iran.
Peanut roasting machine is mainly composed of speed-regulating motor, baking and discharging cage, etc. Roasted peanuts in the production process are poured out through the discharging cage. It has been proved that this machine is highly efficient, energy-saving, safe and sanitary. Roasted peanuts are beautiful in color and good in taste. If you are interested in the peanut drum roaster, just feel free to contact us.
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Peanut Drum Roasting Machine
Peanut Drum Roaster Iran
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